Everybody Reads

Good Books in Little Hands make a Big Difference

Everybody Reads provides books to young children living in the lowest income areas of our community


Everybody Reads is a Charlotte based non-profit whose purpose is to promote reading and early literacy skills in our youngest learners. We focus on children 0-5 living in the low income areas of our community. Literacy is the foundation of all successful learners and we hold a vision of a community where everybody reads.


What We Do

Provide Books

We provide high quality age appropriate books for our children's homes and  their childcare centers.

Promote Reading

We promote daily reading to children 0-5 during the most critical time of their brain development.

Create Awareness

 80% of preschools serving low             income populations have NO age

books for their children

61% of children living in low income homes have NO books


Only 41% of third graders in Charlotte are 

reading on grade level

When children are not reading proficient by 3rd grade they are 4 times more likely to drop out of school and 2/3 of those children will end up in jail or on welfare

The most successful way to improve the reading achievement of  children is to increase their access to books.


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