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May 2020

Appearance on "Off the Clock" for Teacher Appreciation Week with Carolina Panthers owner Nicole Tepper

Our Story

Meet the Founder/ Executive Director
Tracey Graham

Tracey founded Everybody Reads in January 2019 to meet a need not being addressed in the community.  Working as Literacy Coach, she discovered that the low income childcare centers lacked age appropriate books in their classrooms.  Centers were in need of the number one resource needed to promote literacy…books.
Tracey has over 28 years in early childhood literacy working with children with special needs and children living in poverty. She has her MA in Elementary Reading and Literacy with over 20 years of classroom experience. She has worked as an Educational Consultant, Preschool Director and Literacy Coach. She is considered an expert in her field and understands the value of building early literacy skills in young children.
She had a true passion for working  in disadvantaged communities and has dedicated her career to supporting children most in need.